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Contractor Inductions

An induction process is mandatory under section 21 for all Contractors, Sub-contractors, Suppliers and their employees who undertake work on the University of Melbourne campuses. Section 21 of The Special Conditions of Contract contains information regarding the start-up procedures for Contractors and Consultants. 

An appointment must be made before collecting your ID card.
Contact the Infrastructure Services - Facilities Client Service Centre on 8344 6000.

Online Contractor Induction

The University of Melbourne Contractor Induction module is accessible through any computer that has internet access. You will require a username and password to access the online induction. If you do not have a username and password, please contact your University of Melbourne representative who will issue you with a username and password.

Access the induction module

Photo ID Cards

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do I have to be inducted?
There are rights and obligations of Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and their employees with respect to health and safety and the environment that must be explained to you by the University prior to you working at any property or building belonging to the University of Melbourne.

2. Can I start on campus before being inducted?
No Induction Training; No start. You must have (as a minimum) completed "Industry" Induction Training or equivalent and have successfully completed the University's Induction Training before being permitted to start work.

3. Who will induct me ? How do I get inducted?
There are now 3 stages to being inducted prior to starting work at the University of Melbourne:

4. I was inducted 2 years ago, do I have to be inducted again?
All Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and their employees must be inducted every 2 years to enable them to continue to work at the University of Melbourne. Both the Foundations for Safety Construction Industry Induction Training and the University Induction must have been completed.

5. I am working for a Principal Contractor where the site is fenced off to exclude students, staff and visitors. Do I need to do the University Specific Induction?
All Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and their employees must have completed the University Induction before starting on site. The Principal Contractor is responsible for ensuring all parts of the induction are provided. Infrastructure Services - Facilities will train nominated representatives of the Principal Contractor who must train their employees, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers working on that site.

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